US has liftet weapons embargo for Vietnam, but China protest. President Barack Obama will discuss economic and security issues and Human Rights. Videos from Obamas speaches in Hanoi.

A cluster bomb explosion in Quang Tri Province has killed one deminer and injured another, both technical staff managed by Project RENEW and Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA). Team Leader Ngo Thien Khiet, age 45 and experienced and senior technician, was fatally injured in the explosion and later died at the provincial hospital’s emergency ward. 

Mekong provinces help locals fight drought - Authorities in the Mekong Delta provinces have helped locals cope with the prolonged drought and salinity in rivers, minimising the losses caused by the twin disasters

More than 100 tons of dead fish have been washed ashore in environmental disaster since early April - Minister Tran Hong Ha has ordered proper and comprehensive checks of major waste treatment plants in coastal and riverine areas – and whether local officials have been doing a good job monitoring them. Protests in Hanoi and HCMC

Vi søger hjælpende hænder til sekretariatet. Vil du gerne være en del af DVFs sekretariat? Opgave-eksempler: Vedligeholde og opdatere medlemskartoteket, hjælpe andre frivillige i foreningen, lette kommunikationsopgaver, udsende lidt post, svare og fordele indkommende post og mails, svare telefonopkald

Today in Vietnam women play a vital role in all aspects of society - The changing lives of women in Vietnam - Vietnamese Women A Rising Consumer Segment - Vietnamese woman ‘general’ of the jungle - Young woman specialists boost central Vietnamese province’s demining efforts

News and Views blad om projekter, både om Vietnam og Cambodia. ADDA har 3 projekter i Vietnam, 2 projekter i Cambodia samt har også arbejdet i Tanzania.

Dansk Vietnamesisk Forening holdt generalforsamling søndag den 13. marts. Der blev valgt ny formand Jonas W. S. Andersen, i det den hidtidige Jørgen Prag trådte tilbage efter næsten 20 år på posten.

US and Vietnam complete first phase of dioxin cleanup in Da Nang - The toxic chemical was removed from 45,000 cubic meters of excavated soil and sediment at the site

Overview of the new cabinet - New Prime Minister, three Deputy Prime Ministers and 18 Ministers. Vietnam has first chairwoman of parliament - Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan - won 95 percent of votes.