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Agent Orange News Archive 2006-2010  
USA vets HQ: Agent Orange - Timeline, development, deployment, deception and death

Tu Du hospital visit 13/5 2010 - photos Wilfred Gluud
Video CBS5: Vietnam 35 Years Later: Agent Orange - 5 min
                    - Part 2 - 5 min
Agent Orange devastates generations of Vietnamese - 5 min

Send money to help Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin in Danang province
Benificiary (Ngoui thu houng): Da Nang Association For Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin
Bank: Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Foreign Trade of Viet Nam – Da Nang Branch
(Ngân hàng Cô phân Ngoai Thoung Viêt Nam – Chi nhánh Dà Nang)
Account (Sô tài khoản): 0041370440474 - Swift code/bic address: BFTVVNVX004

3/5 thomasbohanoi: BEYOND THE MISERY - Against all odds, Lê Minh Châu has become an artist in his own right. 

“I do not like to be looked at as a victim of Agent Orange. I cannot deny that the chemicals made me what I am, but I am Châu, the artist. I am not Châu, the victim. I do not want people to feel sorry for me. I do not want gifts, I do not want support – give it to people who need it.  You can buy my paintings, if you like them. Do not buy them, if you just feel sorry for me! I can take care of myself.”



30/1 Toui Tre: Meet a limbless little girl in Vietnam - Chi is a third-generation Agent Orange victim, inheriting dioxin from her paternal grandfather who fought in the American war in Vietnam.


19/10 Toui Tre: Vietnam, US launch Da Nang dioxin clean-up - Vietnam and the United States launched the second phase of a dioxin clean-up in Da Nang, where millions of litres of Agent Orange were stored during the war between the countries.
DE: 29/8 2015 ARD TV: "Reportage im Ersten: Vietnam" - Reortage & Dokumantation - Agent Orange: Die Blätter fielen von den Bäumen und das Dioxin blieb, im Boden und Trinkwasser - mit schrecklichen Folgen bis heute.

Trinh with her barbie doll.

28/4 2015 Thomas Bo Pedersen blog: AGENT ORANGE: A LETTER FOR OBAMA - 40 years ago, peace finally arrived in Vietnam. A long and bloody war came to an end, but not for all. Still today, thousands of Vietnamese, American and allied soldiers – and their families – suffer from Agent Orange exposure. The deadliest toxic ever invented by man.

OBAMA ON AGENT ORANGE - One very important statement in Obama's Hanoi speech to 'The Vietnamese government and people' has gone remarkably unnoticed. I believe that this was the first time ever a US president has refered publicly and explicitly to the tragedy of Agent Orange. Obama not only mentioned the ongoing clean-up project in Da Nang, but also announced a US commitment to fund the clean-up of the highly toxic soil at the former US airbase in Bien Hoa. A big congrats to Charles Bailey and all the other Agent Orange advocats, who have worked so hard to promote a US sense of responsibility. For those who want to know more, here is a link to an essay about the young Vietnamese woman, who first wrote to Obama about her plight and her fellow victims.

US Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius and Vietnam's Deputy Minister of Defense Nguyen Chi Vinh feel the soil that has been cleared of dioxin in the central city of Da Nang on May 3, 2016. Photo credit: Nguyen Dong/VnExpress

US and Vietnamese officials press start button for Agent Orange clean up project in Da Nang, April 19, 2014. (Marianne Brown/VOA)

Dioxin removal succesful,
but took 3 years

4/5 Thanh Nien: US and Vietnam complete first phase of dioxin cleanup in Da Nang - The toxic chemical was removed from 45,000 cubic meters of excavated soil and sediment at the site
4/5 VnExpress: Dioxin cleanup half- finished at Da Nang International Airport - Vietnamese government and the U.S embassy marked the halfway point of a project to clean the soil in Da Nang Airport from dioxin contamination

DA NANG 2014 - Government officials from the U.S. and Vietnam attended a ceremony Saturday 18/4 2014 marking the next stage in the cleanup process of one of the Vietnam War's deadliest legacies - Agent Orange.
The herbicide was sprayed by the U.S. military as a defoliant to destroy jungle cover for communist troops. Its highly toxic byproduct, dioxin, has been linked to diseases such as diabetes, cancer and birth defects.
The $84 million project, officially launched in 2012, aims to clean up contaminated soil by cooking it at high temperatures.
19/4 2014 VOA: War Legacy Haunts Vietnam, US Relations  
14/4 2014 Veterans for Peace: VFP Vietnam Tour: Danang Airport
27/3 2014 VietnamNet: Da Nang airport dioxin contaminated soil project set for April

23/8 2013 BBC: One Square Mile of Vietnam: Da Nang - The plan is to clean up hundreds of tonnes of poisoned soil by 2016 by baking it in special ovens that remove the toxins


  • 19/1 Vietnam Full Disclosure: As Okinawa confronts dioxin, Vietnam offers lessons - Health monitoring and safety measures urged as U.S. denials fly in face of mounting toxic evidence on island Urasoe in Okinawa
  • DA 11/1 Atlas - Tobias Nicolai: Krigens orange arv - Under Vietnamkrigen sprøjtede de amerikanske styrker store dele af de sydvietnamesiske skove med ukrudtsmidlet Agent Orange. Men det fik ikke kun bladene til at vælte af træerne. I over 40 år har det vietnamesiske folk lidt under følgeskaderne fra amerikanernes krigsførelse - Billedserie


Internatinal Agent Orange Day 10 August 2015

  • 5/8 ABC Tropical North: 3,500km journey aims to help children affected by Vietnam War - Teaching English to blind children affected by Agent Orange, a herbicidal warfare program used during the Vietnam War, inspired Joe Edwards to walk more than 3,500 kilometres to help improve the plight of disadvantaged children in Vietnam

Agent Orange - new Centers
Photo Series from opening with Chuck Palazzo

French/vietnamese womans lawsuit against 35 US companies

3/8 VNS: Agent Orange victim's French lawyers seek more evidence - Two of the three French lawyers representing a French-Vietnamese woman in an Agent Orange lawsuit against 26 US chemical companies arrived in HCM City to met other AO victims last Saturday.
Agent Orange Viet Nam: FAIRE UN DON POUR SOUTENIR LE PROCÈS - Donate with PayPal and International Creditcards
30/4 RFI: Franco-Vietnamese Agent Orange victim sues US chemical companies
3/8 2014 Tuoi Tre: Sole plaintiff against 35 US firms: Born to a heroic family - Agent Orange
29/7 2014 Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance: Dioxin Lawsuit Filed Against 35 US Companie   
25/7 2014 Tuoi Tre: Vietnamese French woman files dioxin lawsuit against 35 US companies

Radio om Agent Orange/Dioxin

RADIO: Vietnam-krigen sluttede for 40 år siden, men for millioner af vietnamesere hærger krigen fortsat i deres kroppe og i deres sind: de er ofre for de langsigtede virkninger af det ekstremt giftige stof, dioxin, som USA brugte i forsøg på at bekæmpe vietcong, der holdt til i Vietnams store jungleområder. Panoramas Jørn Stjerneklar har været i Vietnam og bl.a. besøgt en organisation, der varetager ofrene fra Agent Orange. Sendt første gang 20. oktober 2014


Agent Orange: Krigens Arv

Foredrag med Thomas Bo Pedersen afholdt 25/11 2014 - Se fotos!

DA NANG, VIETNAM - Government officials from the U.S. and Vietnam attended a ceremony Saturday 18/4 marking the next stage in the cleanup process of one of the Vietnam War's deadliest legacies - Agent Orange.
The herbicide was sprayed by the U.S. military as a defoliant to destroy jungle cover for communist troops. Its highly toxic byproduct, dioxin, has been linked to diseases such as diabetes, cancer and birth defects.
The $84 million project, officially launched in 2012, aims to clean up contaminated soil by cooking it at high temperatures.

19/4 VOA: War Legacy Haunts Vietnam, US Relations  
14/4 Veterans for Peace: VFP Vietnam Tour: Danang Airport
27/3 VietnamNet: Da Nang airport dioxin contaminated soil project set for April


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: Disability Compensation for Agent Orange Diseases. For the purposes of disability compensation, VA presumes that Veterans were exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides if they served in Vietnam anytime between January 9, 1962 and May 7, 1975.

 Agent Orange Day 10. August

On August 10th, 1961, the US Government started spraying Viet Nam with one of the most deadly chemicals known to man - Agent Orange. More than 20 million gallons (76 million litres) of herbicides were used on The Vietnamese from 1961-1971. The concentrations were 20 to 55 times normal agricultural use for killing plants. Estimates of the number of Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange are over 3 million.

19/7 Talk Vietnam: A special ceremony will be broadcast live by Vietnam Television on August 10, which was the day 62 years ago the US began to spray dioxin-contained herbicides over Vietnam. On the occasion, VAVA will release a book and a film tracking its decade-long journey with Vietnamese AO victims. According to VAVA President, Senior Lieut. Gen Nguyen Nguyen Van Rinh, the activities aim to raise public awareness of the dioxin catastrophe while calling for more support from organisations and individuals both at home and abroad.

13/8 VietnamNet: AO victims will file fourth lawsuit on manufacturers
10/8 HuffintonPost: The Struggle Continues: Seeking Compensation for Vietnamese Agent Orange Victims, 52 years on
10/8 Nhan Dan: Activities commemorate Day for Victims of Agent Orange
9/8 Nhan Dan: AO victims fight for justice portrayed in photos
30/7 VAVA: Children of US Vietnam Veterans fight for Vietnam victims of Agent Orange
29/7 VietnamNet: Vietnam continues to claim benefits for Agent Orange victims
24/7 Bendbulletin: 4 decades after war, Agent Orange still ravaging Vietnamese

Exhibition: "Agent Orange
– Conscience & Justice, Da Nang 2013"

Open 23. July 14:30 until 12. August 17:30
Da Nang Museum, 24 Tran Phu Street, Da Nang, Viet Nam
Press Release July 21, 2013
Photos from opening:
Agent Orange Exhibition: Da Nang Museum, 7/23/2013 
DAVA: The Da Nang Association For Victims Of Agent Orange/Dioxin - Website: English - Vietnamese - Facebook
Da Nang is home to more than 5,000 Victims and more are born each day, now as we are well into the third generation of suffering and death.

24/7 BBC: Repairing the damage caused by Agent Orange
22/7 McClatchy: 4 decades after war ended, Agent Orange still ravaging Vietnamese
22/7 The Fresno Bee: Makers of Agent Orange followed formula dictated by U.S. goverment

People hold signs during a demonstration against agribusiness giant Monsanto and genetically modified organisms (GMO) in front of the White House in Washington on May 25, 2013. RT Question More: Monsanto is the metaphor for genetic manipulation, food chain control

Chuck Palazzo, ex-US soldier who lives in Da Nang

- Wilfred Gluud speaking

Dee Reyes spoke in Portland, Oregon, USA
Founder of AO Legacy

London - Len Aldis with sign

Worldwide protest against Monsanto 25/5
Monsanto: home of GMOs & Agent Orange 

8/6 Thanh Nien: Vietnam's food safety and sovereignty in jeopardy. Article by Chuck Palazzo (ex-US soldier who lives in Da Nang) and comment "Enough is Enough" by Len Aldis, London. Four page PDF ready to print
3/6 YouTube: A Vietnam Veterans Perspective on Agent Orange. Video 7 min. Vietnam Vet and victim of agent orange Dan Shea, reading a speech he gave at the Portland Rally before the March Against Monsanto on May 25, 2013.

3/6 South China Morning Post: Agent Orange victim isn't afraid to dream big
1/6 Vietnam activist Wilfred Gluud spoke as a private person, about "Monsanto and Agent Orange" (English version with footnotes), on Saturday, May 25th at the "March against Monsanto" in Copenhagen, Denmark
31/5 Unicef: In Viet Nam, a new start for a new generation of victims of Agent Orange
31/5 World News Australia: Agent Orange still a problem in Vietnam
29/5 Thanh Nien: US ‘bullying’ developing nations to accept genetically modified organisms - Monsanto facing global resistance, but Vietnam welcomes Agent Orange maker and dubious technology
28/5 Tuoi Tre: Couple carries son to school for over a decade. A couple in central Vietnam has carried their dioxin-infected son to school for the last fifteen years.
27/5 VNS: London joins world-wide protest against Monsanto
25/5 RT Question More: Monsanto is the metaphor for genetic manipulation, food chain control
2/6 youTube Video: Dee Reyes, Founder of Agent Orange Legacy Speaks at March Aginst Monsanto Rally May 25, 2013
DK 25/5 March mod Monsanto: Monsanto og Agent Orange - tale af Vietnam aktivist Wilfred Gluud som privatperson, lørdag den 25. maj på Christiansborg Slotsplads.

24/5 Banosh: Monsanto, The Company That Brought You Agent Orange and Birth Defects
18/5 Detroit Free Press: 4 decades after Vietnam, veterans flood VA with disability claims
Aspen Institute August 2011: Agent Orange and U.S. Veterans I 2010 udbetalte USA Department of Veterans Affairs 16.200 millioner dollars i erstatning til 1.095.473 veteraner fra Vietnam-krigen.
16/5 Thanh Nien: Cleaning up Agent Orange, and putting it in your corn
14/5 Environmental Magazine: Joining Forces Against Monsanto - On May 25, people around the world will participate in the March Against Monsanto. Currently, marches are being planned on six continents, in 36 countries and over 250 cities.

11/5 Thanh Nien: USDA says more review needed for new Monsanto, Dow GMO crops 
13/2 2012 Thanh Nien: Monsanto’s GM crop debate reopens Agent Orange wounds
22/11 2011 Thanh Nien: Just don’t do it. Investing in GMOs is the worst decision Vietnam could make at this time, putting its food sovereignty at risk, independent scientists say

Agent Orange Documentation


Agent Orange and pregnant women

28/4 VietnamNet: Visit the only dioxin detoxification “oven” in Vietnam
22/4 VNS: AO programmes to receive continued funding from US
11/4 Guardian: Agent Orange still stokes fear in Vietnam's pregnant women
4/11 2044 CorpWatch: Agent Orange Victims Sue Monsanto



 Clean up in Da Nang

24/8 Thanh Nien: Blood samples from Da Nang contain dioxin
Since the article was published on Dantri and other newspapers, many local residents in Da Nang were terrified. Some contacted me about this information. On behalf of dioxin program team from VPHA, I answered some reporters that: the information published was not sufficient enough and created fear to the public. It was not superise that the blood tests being positive for dioxin, but the imporant missing information was that the dioxin were present at what levels? Studies have documented concentrations of dioxin in human blood and breast milk samples in different areas of Vietnam (non sprayed areas, non hot spot areas, e.g. Ha Noi, Thanh Hoa...) and other countries, so it was not superise that blood tests of people in Danang being positive with dioxin! For example: studies have shown the dioxin concentrations of general population from different countries as following: USA (4.4ppt), Russia (7.3 ppt), Germany (2.4ppt), Spain (1.6ppt), Canada (4ppt)… or in Thanh Hoa Province (2.9ppt), Hanoi City (2.4ppt)... I think apart from efforts to remediate the dioxin hot spots like Da Nang, Bien Hoa airbases, risk communication activities should be continued and strenghthened at all identified hot spots, so that the local residents understand the risk and take actions to reduce their risks of being further exposed to dioxin
Ms. Tran Thi Tuyet Hanh, MPH, BSc. Lecturer, Environmental Health Department, HSPH. Researcher- Dioxin Program- VPHA

Following are some links related to Vietnamese articles published yesterday about this discussion.

23/8 Vietnam RedCroos: Visit of the chairman of Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society
17/8 UNDP: Phu Cat military airbase removed from dioxin hotspot list
17/8 Thanh Nien: Da Nang Agent Orange cleanup a first step, but questions abound
9/8 New York Times: 4 Decades on, U.S. Starts Cleanup of Agent Orange in Vietnam
9/8 BBC: In pictures: Vietnams toxic Agent Orange legacy
8/8 Huffington Post: 51 Years After U.S. Began Chemical War on Vietnam, Be Silent, Then Take Action
4/7 Thanh Nien: US awards contracts to clear dioxin in Vietnam
4/7 AOAG: US project to clean up dioxin contamination in Danang


VAVA: Appeal of the Viet Nam Association for Viet Nam Victims of Agent of Orange/dioxin (PDF)

Scorched Earth - By Fred Wilcox. September 2011, 256 pages - £12.37

Reveal Vietnamese and Americans still suffering from Dioxin exposure. Scorched Earth is the first book to chronicle the effects of chemical warfare on the Vietnamese people and their environment, where, even today people are sick and dying from birth defects, cancer, and other illnesses that can be directly traced to Agent Orange/dioxin exposure.
“Focusing on one central element, chemical warfare, Wilcox’s harrowing study spells out the record with shattering clarity, relying on personal testimony, visual imagery, and cold fact. No decent person can fail to be appalled, or to be inspired to do we can to help the victims: the suffering people and the ravaged land.” NOAM CHOMSKY

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