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A Story of ViêtNam by Truong B Lâm
Narrates the history of Vietnam, from its beginnings to the present, giving equal importance to the culture and the arts as to the political or military events.
While not a conventional textbook, A Story of Vietnam can, nonetheless, provide a substantial reading material to students interested in Asia. To the hyphenated Vietnamese, it can serve as a convenient reference tool to unveil the historical allusions, cultural insinuations, mythical hints, literary suggestions, ethnic idiosyncrasies they encounter every day at home. This book may also be sought after by the people who know so much already about a Vietnam as a War but who still would like to know more about a Vietnam as a culture. February 25, 2010. $18.95
By Yves Schiepek (Photography) and Teresa Chuc Dowell (Poetry) - 160 pages
This is a story of Yves Schiepek, a German photographer, who was drawn to Vietnam through being moved by stories of the war and after connecting with its people. This book is also about Teresa Chuc Dowell, a poet and writer, who was born in Saigon soon after its fall in 1975. Teresa was drawn to Vietnam due to her personal history and the countrys captivating beauty. Both photographer and poet hope to promote awareness of the on-going effects of war and that through our actions, we can bring forth some light. Throughout the book, one encounters beauty and darkness. Whether it is beauty or darkness that one stumbles upon, one can not help but feel slightly more human with the encounter.
Softcover US $65.95 - Hardcover, Dust Jacket US $76.95 - Hardcover, ImageWrap US $80.95 
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  Quagmire: Nation-Building and Nature in the Mekong Delta
David Biggs. December 2010  $35. 320 pp., 32 illus., 13 maps, notes, bibliog., index, 6 x 9 in.
In the twentieth century, the Mekong Delta has emerged as one of Vietnams most important economic regions. Its swamps, marshes, creeks, and canals have played a major role in Vietnams turbulent past, from the struggles of colonialism to the Cold War and the present day. Quagmire considers these struggles, their antecedents, and their legacies through the lens of environmental history.
Biggs shows how engineered transformations of the Mekong Delta landscape - channelized rivers, a complex canal system, hydropower development, deforestation - have interacted with equally complex transformations in the geopolitics of the region.
David Biggs is associate professor of history at the University of California, Riverside.
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Vietnam Business Guide (2010)

Vietnam Business Guide is meant to serve as a practical guide to preparing for a business venture in Vietnam and then setting it up and dealing with the daily challenges that will be encountered. The book is structured to provide valuable information on the current state of the Vietnamese business environment in two ways: 1) by providing facts and raw information, 2) by citing examples and stories of what real individuals and companies have encountered and what they have done to overcome these obstacles. The two approaches are meant to support and provide context for each other. Instead of just presenting the relevant information, the book outlines the reality of their application, which is critically important for newcomers to the country.
DK Reviewed in Danish by Niels Fink Ebbesen in VietNam Ajour 3-2010

Childbirth and Infant Feeding: Major Determinants in Rural Vietnam

Dat Duong. 236 pages. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller. Aug 2010. £65.00
Access and utilization of health services are crucial factors contributing to deaths of mothers and children. The overall objective of this book is to investigate factors influencing the utilization of maternal services, infant feeding and postpartum contraception practice. The study was carried out in a rural district located in North Central Vietnam. The book covers various topics in maternal and child health and family planning including clients perceived quality of care and willingness-to-pay for services. The author also provides recommendations on policy development and implementation and future research. The book is therefore essential for public health researchers, professionals and students in the areas of reproductive health and maternal and child health.


Law and Society in Vietnam: The Transition from Socialism in Comparative Perspective

Mark Sidel. 270 pages Cambridge University Press. paperback £19.99 This book, first published in 2008, was a unique analysis of the struggle to build a rule of law in one of the worlds most dynamic and vibrant nations - a socialist state that is seeking to build a market economy while struggling to pursue an ethos of social equality and opportunity. It addresses constitutional change, the assertion of constitutional claims by citizens, the formation of a strong civil society and non-profit sector, the emergence of economic law and the battles over who is benefited by the economic regulation, labor law and the protection of migrant and export labor, the rise of lawyers and public interest law, and other key topics. Alongside other countries, comparisons are made to parallel developments in another transforming socialist state, the Peoples Republic of China.


Vietnam: Rethinking the State

Martin Gainsborough - Paperback 192 pages 12-08-2010
Vietnam: Rethinking the state offers an exciting and up-to-date look at the politics of this fascinating country as it seeks to make the transition from war-torn economic backwater to a dynamic and modern society. The book argues for a move away from the commonly associated idea of "reform", arguing for a deeper understanding of the concept and questioning the idea of state-retreat. The result is a path-breaking book which gets beneath the surface of Vietnams politics in a way which few outsiders otherwise could. Review GlobalAsia dec. 2010: Debunking Doi Moi


The A to Z of Vietnam

Bruce M. Lockhart and William Duiker 558 pages, Scarecrow Press July 2010 £26.55
The A to Z of Vietnam focuses on the recent changes and leadership of Vietnam while giving due attention to the earlier kingdoms, the period of French Indochina, the wars for liberation, the Vietnam War, and much more. Hundreds of cross-referenced A to Z dictionary entries are included on political, economic, social and cultural aspects as well as the major cities and geographic features. This book also contains a chronology and introduction that traces Vietnams history, as well as a bibliography.
Bruce M. Lockhart is assistant professor of history at the National University of Singapore. William J. Duiker is liberal arts professor emeritus of East Asian Studies at The Pennsylvania State University in University Park, Pennsylvania.



Popular Music of Vietnam: The Politics of Remembering, the Economics of Forgetting

Dale A. Olsen Paperback 308 pages Jun 2010 £22.33
Based on the author’s research in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and other urban areas in Vietnam, this study of contemporary Vietnamese popular music explores the ways globalization and free market economics have influenced the music and subcultures of Vietnamese youth, focusing on the conflict between the politics of remembering, nurtured by the Vietnamese Communist government, and the politics of forgetting driven by the capitalist interests of the music industry.


The Vietnamese City in Transition

Patrick Gubry, Franck Castiglioni, Jean-Michel Cusset, Nguyen Thi Thieng, Pham Thuy Huong. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore. 364 sider. 30 Jun 2010, £56.25
Research carried out by French, Canadian and Vietnamese teams from the north and south of the country on the overarching theme of Vietnamese cities in transition. Some of this research deals with urban dynamics, some with the issues at stake within such dynamics, or with the strategies of the most significant stakeholders in urban transition: civil society, donors within the framework of official aid for development, consultants and international consultancy firms. These projects were carried out between 2001 and 2004 , and mainly focus on Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. More Information


Knowledge Economy and Sustainable Economic Development: A Critical Review

- A critical review by Nguyen, Thanh Tuyên
Focuses on the intersection of two major bodies of policy and practice: knowledge economy and ICTs on one hand, and sustainable economic development on the other. It aims to provide a broad-ranging account of the social and economic terrain demarcated by this intersection in order to reach conclusions and offer guidelines for policy development. Although based on the case of a developing country (Vietnam) its analyses, arguments and conclusions are of universal relevance.
2010 - 375 pages - More information


Opening Up Knowledge Production through Participatory Research? Agricultural Research for Vietnams Northern Uplands

Friederichsen, Jakob Rupert. Verlag Peter Lang 2009, 280 pages. Focusing on international, development-oriented agricultural research. Based on fieldwork in rural northern Vietnam and interviews with researchers in Vietnam and Germany, the book analyzes the manifold meanings associated with the concept of participatory research, and the hurdles participatory research must overcome in practice. It demonstrates the need to recognize multiple meanings of "participation" in a multicultural actor constellation, the importance of political and research institutions in governing researchers work, and the potential of participatory methods to contribute to ethically and methodologically sound research practice. More information

Globalization And Development In The Mekong Economies

Edited by Suiwah Leung, The Australian National University, Australia, Ben Bingham and Matt Davies, International Monetary Fund, US
2010  224 pp 

More information


Human insecurity in East Asia

Edited by Michio Umegaki, Lynn Thiesmeyer, and Atsushi Watabe. 2009 • 308 pages More information
Threats to human security do not necessarily take cataclysmic forms such as war or natural disaster. Nor does human insecurity exist solely within a suspended living environment like refugee camps. Often threats to human security are as subtle as a slow-rising tide, whose calamitous nature remains unknown till it breaks as a monstrous flood. The essays in this volume call attention to these less obvious threats to human security and how people and communities face them.
1. Agent Orange-Dioxin and the legacies of the war in Vietnam, Michio Umegaki, Vu Le Thao Chi and Tran Duc Phan
8. Pesticide dependence in agriculture: Policy for productivity and policy for security in Vietnam, Tran Duc Vien and Pham Van Hoi


The Mekong Delta: Ecology, Economy, and Revolution, 1860-1960

Pierre Brocheux, 2009, 270 pages, £22.75
"Pierre Brocheux er halvt fransk og halvt vietnamesisk og har gennemlæst et væld af arkiver i Frankrig og Vietnam. Denne bog tegner et fascinerende billede af, hvordan den franske kapital og teknologi forvandlede Mekongdeltaet. Indledningen og første kapitel giver et godt overblik over området og den vietnamesiske indvandring i området, der oprindelig var beboet af khmerer."
DK Review in Danish by Wilfred Gluud in VietNam Ajour 3-2010


Vietnam: 20 Years of Doi Moi

Ari Kokko et al. 285 pages. Thê Gioi Publishers and Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, 2008
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