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Krigens sorg. Roman om vietnameser fra Hanoi der deltager i Vietnam-krigen mod USA i Sydvietnam fra 68-75. Oversat af Kirsten Vagn Jensen. Lindhardt og Righof. Billigbog 88 kr. 

Omtalt i VietNam nr. 2/94 og anmeldt i nr. 3/94 (PDF)
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The Sorrow of War  Bao Ninh (1991) - This is the semi-autobiographical account of a soldiers experiences. The hero of the story, Kien, is a captain. After 10 years of war and months as a MIA body-collector, Kien suffers a nervous breakdown in Hanoi as he tries to re-establish a relationship with his former sweetheart. This is a great piece of work. It is gentle at times while horrific at others. It provides an alternative perspective with integrity and insight in the telling of the other sides story from a point of "Being Human" as opposed to "Being Political".
Paperback (1994) - 272 pages

The Sorrow of War by Bao Ninh, October 28, 2007, From the Irish Independent 

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September 2009: Special feature - Bao Ninh interview - The IB Diploma Programme student from Luther Bank High School in Sacramento, California, USA, travelled to Vietnam to meet the author of The Sorrow of War and discuss the themes that appear in his work and his attitude to war.