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Agent Orange: Krigens Arv

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Agent Orange NEWS

On this page: Impact on Human health in VietnamU.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group on Agent Orange/Dioxin -  Impact on Environment and Hotspots - USA Veterans - Dioxin in general - Books

Agent Orange: "Collateral Damage" in Vietnam. Photographer and writer Philip Jones Griffiths

Links and facts about Agent Orange and Dioxin

USA vets HQ: Agent Orange - Timeline of discovery, development, deployment, deception, denials and death
DAVA - Da Nang Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin - Donate to DAVA
26/6 2014 How did Hatfield Consultants get involved in Agent Orange/Dioxin in Viet Nam? - Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk Agent Orange Specialist / Environmental Scientist

Film about Agent Orange in Vietnam

  • Agent Orange: 30 years later - 56 min documentary (2008) - 2 min. trailer
  • Last Ghost of War. Directed by Janet Gardner. Vietnamese plaintiffs file a class action suit against chemical companies that produced Agent Orange. (2008)
  • Agent Orange: A Personal Requiem. Masako Sakata’s story of a Vietnam visit after her husband died from cancer believed to be caused by his exposure to Agent Orange. (2006) - article and video
  • Battles Poison Cloud - 54min. Directed by Cecile Trijssenaar of Tambuti Films. Examines the birth defects issue and recent scientific research, including studies by Hatfield Consultants Ltd. (2003) - 10 min video at youtube - in Denmark contact DVF
  • The Friendship Village. Directed by Michelle Mason. Award-winning documentary about international veterans who built a village in Vietnam for disabled children. (2002, 50 min.)
  • The paths to justice, 29 min, by Lán Van Sinh, from Vietnam National Documentary & Scientific Film Studio. Hanoi, Vietnam. 2004. - in Denmark contact DVF
  • Tears in Playground, 26 min, directed by Vu Chính about the international Friendship Village near Hanoi, Vietnam. 2003 - in Denmark contact DVF
  • List of film at Agent Orange film at website MakeAgentOrangeHistory

Scientific Documentation on Dioxin and victims in Vietnam

Agent Orange Record website has an important overview of Health impact on Vietnam, numbers and diseases

In USA the Department of Veterans Affairs has a official list of diseases linked to Agent Orange - Herbicide Exposure

31/8 2010 USA VA service: Final Regulation on Additional Diseases Related to Agent Orange: On August 31, 2010, VA published the final regulation establishing all chronic B-cell leukemias, Parkinsons disease, and ischemic heart disease as related to exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides.

On this page: Impact on Human health in VietnamU.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group on Agent Orange/Dioxin - Impact on Environment and Hotspots - USA Veterans - Dioxin in general - Books

U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group on Agent Orange/Dioxin

Impact on Human health in Vietnam (mostly PDF local)

Impact on Environment and Hotspots

USA veterans (links)

Dioxin in general - (links)

Books (links)

Prix : 23 euros. 2010416 pages - plus de 100 illustrations : cartes, images d’archives et photographies.
Préface de Howard Zinn. Avant-propos de Maître William Bourdon.
Photographies de Philip Jones Griffiths, Jan Banning, Alexis Duclos, et Olivier Papegnies.
Dow Chemical, Monsanto, Diamond, Uniroyal, Hercules…
Découvrez les crimes impunis des marchands de la mort. Si un jour existe une unité capable de mesurer la douleur et la souffrance, elle devra s’appeler Viêt Nam.
Dossier de presse - Agent Orange - Apocalypse Viêt nam

Scorched Earth - By Fred Wilcox. September 2011, 256 pages - £12.37, also used
Reveal Vietnamese and Americans still suffering from Dioxin exposure. Scorched Earth is the first book to chronicle the effects of chemical warfare on the Vietnamese people and their environment, where, even today people are sick and dying from birth defects, cancer, and other illnesses that can be directly traced to Agent Orange/dioxin exposure.
Weaving first-person accounts with original research, Vietnam War scholar Fred A. Wilcox examines longterm consequences for future generations, laying bare the ongoing monumental tragedy in Vietnam and calls for the US government to admit its role in chemical warfare in Vietnam. Wilcox warns readers that unless people stop poisoning air, food and water supplies, the cancer epidemic will worsen. He urgently demands the chemical manufacturers of Agent Orange to compensate the victims of their greed and to stop using the Earth's waters as waste dumps.
“Focusing on one central element, chemical warfare, Wilcox’s harrowing study spells out the record with shattering clarity, relying on personal testimony, visual imagery, and cold fact. No decent person can fail to be appalled, or to be inspired to do we can to help the victims: the suffering people and the ravaged land.” Noam Chomsky in foreword

Scorched EarthInvisible Children: The Third Generation Of Agent Orange Victims In Vietnam
Paperback – January 2009 - 170 pages - $26.55, used $16.24
Though the Vietnam War ended in 1975, the effects of it are poisoning a third generation. Invisible Children explores the lives of 45 children who are affected by the Vietnam War-era herbicide Agent Orange. The stories of these "invisible children" are told through a mixture of photography and art that transcends mere documentation - this book will help you begin to understand the devastating consequences for human life when powerful chemicals are abused. This version is in full-color.
  • The History, Use, Disposition and Environmental Fate of Agent Orange (Hardcover) by Dr. Alvin L. Young. 339 sider, May 2009. This book was commissioned by The Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations and Environment) with the intent of providing documentation of the knowledge on the history, use, disposition and environmental fate of Agent Orange and its associated dioxin. - review by Dr. Jeanne Stellman
  • Agent Orange and the War in Vietnam, by Prof Nguyen Van Tuan, Garvan Institute of Medical Research and University of New South Wales, Australia. Published by Giao Diểm, 2005.
  • Agent orange in Vietnam - Yesterdays Crime, Todays Tragedy (2008) - Fransk original 2005: L-agent orange au Viet-nam: Crime d-hier, tragedie d-aujourd-hui (2005) edited by Y. Capdeville, F. Gendreau & J. Meynard, Foreword by Francois Gros. Tiresias editions, Paris, 2005. Association d-Amiti Franco-Vietnamienne
  • Nhung c�u chuyện của nạn nh�n Chất Ä‘á»™c Da cam/Dioxin � Việt Nam, Trung t�m Nghi�n cuu Gioi, Gia d�nh v� M�i truong trong Ph�t trien (CGFED). H� Ná»™i: Thế Giá»›i. 2004.
  • Dioxins and Health - by Arnold Schecter and Thomas A. Gasiewicz, (2 edition 2003, 993 pages). "Drs Schecter and Gasiewicz have produced yet another definitive edition of this encyclopedic work on dioxins and like chemicals...a must both to be read and used as a reference." (Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 2005)
  • L�m dịu "Ná»—i Ä‘au Da cam": LÆ°Æ¡ng tri v� h�nh Ä‘á»™ng, Quỹ Bảo trợ Nạn nh�n Chất Ä‘á»™c Da cam, Há»™i Chữ thập đỏ Việt Nam. Ha Ná»™i: Nh� xuất bản Lao �ộng. 2003.
  • Agent Orange in the Vietnam War: History and Consequences, by Prof. Le Cao Đại, MD of the Vietnam Red Cross Society. Hanoi: 2000.

On this page: Impact on Humans in VietnamImpact on Environment and Hotspots - USA Veterans - Dioxin in general - Books

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