Vietnam Ajour : "Eline Mørch Jensen har med fortælinger fra Cambodjas blodige fortid, skrevet en stærk lille bog om Cambodjas nyere barske fortid". Thomas Bo Pedersen, Hanoi: "Forfatteren Eline Mørch Jensen har på fornem vis givet stemme til ofre, bødler og vidner under og efter folkemordet i Cambodia".

More than 100 flight delayed due to cyber-attacks at Vietnam's 2 major airports. More than 100 flights, dozens of which were delayed for up to one hour. Passengers were left stranded on Friday 29/7 after authorities switched off the flight information screens and sound system in the wake of a major cyber-attack.

24/7 blokerede Cambodia for en ASEAN udtalele om South China Sea. International tribunal in the Hague rules in favor of Philippines over China Tuesday 12/7. Concluding that there was no legal basis for China to claim historic rights to resources falling within the '"nine-dash line." China official Xinhua news agency said that the ruling was unlawful.

Shout-out from Denmark NGO: Remember your values, Scandinavians! - Chairman of Danish Vietnamese Association pleads with Scandinavians in Vietnam to support local NGOs in the promotion of equal opportunities, education and healthcare. Opråb om at gå forrest i støtten til lokale NGO'ere

Artikel i Information torsdag den 14. juli af DVF's formand. Pressemeddelelse 12/7: Dom fra Haag bør give Verdenssamfundet anledning til at arbejde for en fredelig løsning i overensstemmelse med Havretskonventionens principper. Det er også af vital betydning for Danmark

In Vietnam 1 million people is in urgent need of food assistance and 2 million people lacking access to drinking water. In Cambodia more than 93,500 poor, rural households are affected by the drought. Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning says that the drought has cost more than 15 trillion Vietnam dong (U.S. $671 million).

Tri Minh & Clara Bryld torsdag 7/7. Fotos fra koncert. Duet of two artists, coming from Vietnam and Denmark, who compose and perform their compositions using jazz music. Jazzmesse i Vor Frue Kirke søndag den 10. juli kl. 14.00. Ledes af bassist Chris Minh Doky, protektor for for Landsindindsamligen Hospitalsudstyr til Vietnam. Fotos

Vietnam can improve migrants’ access to public services and employment by reducing the time and requirements needed to obtain ho khau, or permanent residency, according to a report issued Thursday 16/6 by the World Bank and the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.

Mineclearing i Quang Tri province: Project RENEW removed Intact Tubes Of Cluster Bombs Safely from Rice Paddy Field before New Crop Starts in Vinh An Village of Cam Hieu Commune. Last week deminer died when bomb went off before time.

Speedier investigation of mass fish deaths urged by The Vietnam Fisheries Association. More than 100 tons of dead fish was washed ashore in environmental disaster since early April - checks of major waste treatment plants in coastal and riverine areas – and whether local officials have been doing a good job monitoring them. Protests in Hanoi and HCMC