Gedens år
Year of the Goat
Chúc mùng năm mói

I 2015 falder Tet nytår
den 19. februar
Det er Gedens år (i Kina fårets år)

Traditionelt er der en række dage man fejrer: Têt Nytårs Aften (Feb 18), og Nytårsdag (Feb 19), samt de følgende 4 dage (Feb 20-23) af Têt Nguyen Đán. Vietnam fejrer Têt fra den femtende dag i den tolvte måne måned til den femtende dag i den første måne måned. Også i dag er begynder tingene at gå langsommere to uger før og to uger efter Têt.
De officielle helligdage ligger fra 17-23. februar. Vietnams regering besluttede i november at udvide offentligt ansattes ferie til 9 dage, og de skal arbejde lørdag 14. februar for at kunne holde 9 feriedage fra søndag den 15. februar til og med mandag den 23. februar.

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The GOAT people are calm and shy, unassertive and self-effacing. They are clumsy in speech so they are poor salespersons, but are compassionate for the less fortunate, and help others. They are often taken advantage of because of their natural kindness and timidity. His hours are between 1pm and 3pm.

An artist in your soul, you are gentle and peaceful, a fine aesthete who loves the touch of the noblest materials under his feet. Work bores you, and idleness you adore! Your ideal: to have someone take care of you. You dream of living under the protection of a prodigal patron who would let your creative talents bloom with no material constraints. You love working with your hands when it concerns art but hate anything to do with work associated with daily life around the house. You are looking for the right person to take care of you, make decisions for you, flatter you and take you to a silky, green field every day. The imaginary universe that you live in is very far from reality where "everything is but luxury, beauty, calm and voluptuousness...". When you come back to earth, you fall into a dark pessimism, are very stubborn, capricious and can pout. Your over sensitivity is only matched by your sluggishness. When conflicts arise you take cover until the storm has passed; you never even think of ramming your adversary with your horns. You usually win your fights because your perseverance and your natural charm are endearing. Your fault : You are an easy mark for wolves.

You excel in creative, artistic fields and in anything to do with the theater or putting on a show. You have a purely conceptual mind that likes to be surrounded by realistic collaborators who will take care of the books and the commercial side of things because management isn't your field of predilection. You want neither power nor honors. You are at ease in the thick of things, far from the decision-makers. You work in a bubble with an excessive desire for perfection.

You will gladly spend the money of others! You know how to surround yourself with benefactors who believe in your talent and know how to show it. You don't run after money and are capable of paying four times too much for an object without batting an eye. You have holes in your pocket and you are terrible at managing your money. Who cares! You live in a universe where good taste rules, either because you have money or are resourceful.

Anxious and dependent, you can't live without love. You need a companion that can protect you, is tender and will shower you with attention. Fights at home and raised voices make you extremely anxious. An ideal love, you are faithful and happy in an atmosphere of calm and security. To seduce you, your partner must be romantic and gallant, and invite you out to cultural events. Above all, they should never give you an ultimatum or look as though they want to leave you. In this case, you will be the first to leave the prairie!
Compatible with: Cat, Horse and Pig
Non-Compatible with: Buffalo

Vietnamese hoping for extra virility during Year of the Goat

The Year of the Goat is eagerly awaited in Vietnam, where the animal is revered for its sexual capacity. "The sexual power (of one male goat) is legendary: it can satisfy 30 or 50 goats". Restaurateurs are also convinced of the animal's aphrodisiac qualities, saying that eating goat meat can boost a man's performance in the bedroom. They also recommend drinking rice wine distilled for six months in a bottle containing a goat's penis.

In general, the goat has an easy-going nature and prefers to work in a team rather than on his own. He hates any sort of discord or uneasiness and does not like to be bound by a strict routine or rigid timetable. Among the signs in the Chinese zodiac, the goat is probably the most gifted artistically.

No one knows the real origins of the Chinese horoscope representing the cycles of the lunar year, but there are many different interpretations. One Chinese legend has it that the Jade Emperor asked for twelve representatives of the animal species on earth to be brought to his heavenly kingdom. He then classified them in order of merit. However, another version says the order of the 12 animals was decided thousands of years ago by Buddha, who called for a New Year's meeting of animals.
The first to arrive was the rat, followed by the ox. Then came the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the
monkey, the chicken, the dog and the pig. However, the Vietnamese prefer the buffalo to the ox and the cat to the rabbit.